Capgemini Group

Capgemini Group is one of the largest management and IT consulting firms in the world and is publicly traded on the Paris Stock Exchange.
If you want to have more information or contact someone in the company, please go to the public site:

The Capgemini Group Intranet is restricted to Capgemini Group staff only.
The Capgemini Group Intranet consists of a set of Knowledge Servers, each of them corresponding to a separate database that contains information submitted from each of the Regions, GBUs, and Sectors.
If you need assistance for accessing the Intranet please contact your Local Helpdesk.

A number of applications hosted in DMZs can be accessed by Capgemini Group Suppliers, Partners and Clients after authentication using a login and a password.
If you need assistance for accessing the DMZ please ask your Capgemini Group contact.